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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flowing Florals

And its finally warm again. Yay for summer! Well I guess its not quite summer....seeing as I have two more weeks of fiery hell and the one not-so-bad-week until graduation! THEN SUMMER!
then law school. excellent.
ANNNYWAYS.... summer means florals are back...and usually I'm not a huge fan of floral print, but this UNIF flowy top on Nasty Gal caught my eye big time. The cut with the long tail and draping open sleeves is ADORABLE.

This is summer music festival wear if i ever saw it! I might just have to pick this up before Lollapalooza and pair it with some cut-offs and sturdy boots.
Check out the new arrivals at: SHOP NASTY GAL
                                             xox smile you cunt

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