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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Wow. What a my friend had a Prom themed birthday party Friday night. Needless to say, it was awesome. Everyone had a totally different style. I, of course, wore something ridiculous, but i figured if i had gone to my would have been in something either extra silly and Gaga like this....or something black and sexy. Here's a snapshot of my make up and a glimpse of the most amazing dress ever...that I have been trying to find an occasion to wear for about 5 years now.

Yes, it is a Hello Kitty baby doll dress. I LOVE the poofy sleeves. This dress makes me feel like a cupcake. The scary thing about this dress is how it is my size. This dress is made to fit an adult, not a child. There is no label, so I am assuming it was custom made either for a funny costume...or someone with a child fetish...EITHER way. I rocked it as a costume, and it was a great success. I'll update with some better pics soon!

Here's another pic with my girl, Ellie. She rocked the 90's prom look with a touch of goth. I probably don't need to tell you her two favorite movies are Clueless and Empire Records. Notice the 90's butterfly clips, choker and spaghetti strapped velvet gown paired with combat boots and my new favorite lipstick by MAC called Cyber.

                      xox smile you cunt


  1. cool shots and commentary, have you put any analytics on this yet?

  2. thanks! Blogger automatically allows me to track traffic as far as page views, referring sites, and post views.

  3. Oh my! That dress is awesome. I just found some hello kitty silky shorts that Im pretty sure were pajamas at a thrift store and Im totally going to rock them. Love how you paired them with your Litas.